our youngest turns 3

Today is Jack’s third birthday. Hard to believe it’s been that long. Technically we’ve only had him for 2 years and 10 months, but we’ll round up.  Prepare yourselves for cute overload.

This is Jack on his “gotcha” day, with his mom. We all looked pretty different three years ago.

And here he was at Grayland this summer. You might notice his nose is no longer black – he is what’s known as a “dudley”. Which seems pretty fitting, if you know him.

We love him to bits. Happy birthday, boobah.

baby spring

Better weather is creeping in slowly this year.  We are way behind the garden progress of this year.  Oddly, the weeds seem to be right on schedule.

golden spirea

Crandall currant bought last year at Tilth's Early Edible sale. Still alive!

future apple

Fragaria vesca bought last year from Annie's Annuals.

future raspberry

Farmer Fels graciously gave me some Marshall strawberries he rescued from the Herbfarm farm he works at.  They are hard to come by now.  Hoping I don’t kill them!  No pressure!

Marshall strawberry

extremely large euphorbia

This is my partner in crime in the yard.

lawn boy

ready for his close up

This morning we’re taking the Lawn Boy to Magnuson Park for some off-leash time, which happens to coincide with the Arboretum’s Florabundance Sale.  Plant sales are like crack, I tell you!  Is there Plants Anonymous? I can’t say NO, NO, NO…

Happy weekend to you all.

big plant daddy

Hello my poppets – I hope you will forgive my recent neglect.  I’m told Mercury is retrograde, for you astrology buffs, which apparently causes everything to go to hell in a hand basket, and it has been the god’s honest truth around here.  Supposed to clear out in 10 days or so – keep your fingers crossed!

Looking forward to this weekend, because it is the king daddy weekend of plant sales!  The Lovely Miss Z and I have tickets to the fancy pants preview sale for the Master Gardener program – they get you drunk so you buy more plants, which is pretty brilliant!

Then Saturday morning the family and I will be heading for Kubota Gardens’ annual sale, where I’m told you can get some excellent bamboo, Japanese maples and other cool Asian plants.  According to Ciscoe Morris, local garden guru, the selection will be even better this year since the Parks department donated plants from one of its closed parks.

I doubt we’ll make it to the Tilth sale, since Miss Z and I hit the early one in March and I have NO room for more edibles, unless I take over some of the beds, which may happen.

The weather looks promising for both yard work and cocktails.  I am also seriously considering finally replacing the camera so I can get some photos of the new baby plants!  And I WILL get those plants labels done, I swear.

And now, apropos of nothing (and because I can’t take new photos yet), here is a photo of Jack, the day we brought him home.

jack of all trades

Meet Jack.  He came to live with us when he was 8 weeks old – last February.

Let me first say that neither The Geek nor I had ever had a dog.  We come from strictly cat people. Yet we got it into our heads that we should get a dog, and it never occurred to us to get an older dog.  We wanted the whole deal.  After months of research into breeders, we chose one and went to meet them.  That plan that went awry when we discovered that all was not as it should be with their breeding.  So back to the interweb, where a chance forum encounter led us to a very well-respected breeder right here in Seattle, one who hadn’t bred in two years but just happened to have a litter in the works.  She bumped us onto the waiting list, since we were local – her dogs are sought after across the country.

Dang, he was cute.  His official name is Winroc Whiskey-a-go-go, but we call him Jack. Or “damn dog”.  Or “let go my shoe!” Or “that’s MY toast!”.  He likes people.  A lot. But not as much as he likes a) food or b) other dogs.  The only things he won’t eat so far are mushrooms, slugs, and salsa.  Must be a texture thing.  And he was pretty bitter to discover the plastic tub he’d hijacked was full of salsa.  Doesn’t mind horking down the occasional junk mail and will also destroy any plushy toy in no time flat.  When people come over, he goes a little nuts, but is getting much better.  He seems to know which people are anti-dog, and goes straight for them.

He’s still pretty cute.  And doesn’t eat his poop nearly as much!  We’re working on the whole “come” thing, which he is great at but it all goes out the window when another dog is nearby.  He sits and lays down like a pro, and will shake now too.  All of course, for a treat.  He feels a little robbed when he does all that for just a “good boy”.

Jack is our friend, and he’d like to be your friend too.  Especially if you share some of that bacon in your pocket.