baby spring

Better weather is creeping in slowly this year.  We are way behind the garden progress of this year.  Oddly, the weeds seem to be right on schedule.

golden spirea
Crandall currant bought last year at Tilth's Early Edible sale. Still alive!
future apple
Fragaria vesca bought last year from Annie's Annuals.
future raspberry

Farmer Fels graciously gave me some Marshall strawberries he rescued from the Herbfarm farm he works at.  They are hard to come by now.  Hoping I don’t kill them!  No pressure!

Marshall strawberry
extremely large euphorbia

This is my partner in crime in the yard.

lawn boy
ready for his close up

This morning we’re taking the Lawn Boy to Magnuson Park for some off-leash time, which happens to coincide with the Arboretum’s Florabundance Sale.  Plant sales are like crack, I tell you!  Is there Plants Anonymous? I can’t say NO, NO, NO…

Happy weekend to you all.


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