discipline apply here

Yesterday I sent the Stitchers an article about a woman who lost 300 pounds over 5 years through diet and exercise.  FIVE YEARS!  She remained focused on this goal for FIVE YEARS.  It boggles the mind.

I am the complete opposite.  I have remained unfocused on many goals for five years.  For way over five years actually. I don’t understand how some people do it.  Lots of moms and/or dads bring home the bacon and turn it into tasty meals while overseeing homework and organizing all the other household stuff AND maintain some sort of hobby or outside life.  Am I missing that discipline gene?  Did I get the spelling gene instead?

My dad was disciplined about damn near everything.  I can remember a little file box with bill stubs in it – mine go in a drawer, if at all.  He clips his hair almost daily, jeans are neatly creased.  My mom leans more toward the middle.  With four kids, her time was pretty much already consumed but she usually had some plan for dinner and knew who had to be where at what time.  The laundry was never completely done, but she had some sort of crafty thing on the side.  Hmmm.

I have only two kids and a husband who does his fair share, and usually more.  What’s my excuse?  I have none. I am sad and pathetic, but it’s not like I lay around eating bons bons and watching my stories ALL the time!  I am stumped.  Where does my time go?

Last night for example.  It was a full work day, so I was home at 6.  I did bar bookwork, and we grazed on party leftovers (bonus of party hosting: leftovers.  Bonus bonus in this case: houseguest did clean up!).  Then,  since Girl Child and The Geek were otherwise occupied (and the Boy Child is away for 4 days), I watched episode 7 of Downton Abbey.  Girl Child grudgingly went to bed and The Geek and I watched The Killing from Sunday.

OK, so last night I did lay around watching my stories!  Jesus. But I prefer to call it “recuperating from party hosting”, thank you very much.  In any case, something has to change – time is a-wasting.  If that woman can focus on something for FIVE YEARS, surely I can do SOMETHING for half an hour.  Drum roll please….


  1. Meal planning.  For crying in the night, this should not be that difficult.  I hereby swear to set aside time to plan out a week’s worth of meals and make a shopping list for the Geek.  Like Real Grownups do.
  2. Do the stinking laundry.  And purge the crap we don’t wear.
  3. Lose 10 pounds.  I refuse to purge my Lucky jeans.  Having never had to LOSE weight, this is foreign to me.  Am hoping #5 below will do the trick.
  4. Excavate the bedroom.  Reduce the Hoarder Alert from Orange to Yellow, at least.
  5. Walk or do Kinect.  See #3.
  6. Bring the monthly bar work current.

I AM disciplined about some things, the fun things.  I’m pretty good about writing here, but that’s FUN and some people like it.  I also feed the dog most days.  I am RELIGIOUS about securing camping dates.  So there’s that. Now I just need to apply that fierce dtermination to the things on my list.

Wish me luck.  I might forget.  Luckily, Downton Abbey is finished for the season and Mad Men won’t be back til 2012.


7 responses to “discipline apply here”

  1. 300 lb loss lady is single and childless. That frees up a lot of time and focus right there. Just sayin’.

  2. do you need my wife for loan out? one week of observing her in action will set the bar so high that your dreams of self-rule will vanish.

  3. ALL THINGS IN MODERATION. That is what I have decided to live by. 300 pound loser did not live that way on the way up or on the way down, and I’ll be neither journey was any fun. I’m here to have a good time while I get some stuff done. I think my life might be pretty similar to yours. I make a list of meals on Sunday so we know what’s for dinner during the week. Otherwise we found ouselves panicky hungry at 6:30 which led to no food in the house, anger, frustration, and a lot of meals out. I feel like a 300% better mother if I just write it down. I keep it in Word and now I have about 12 weekly plans that I can pull up, swap out and adjust depending upon what’s going on that week. One column for day of week, one for the meal, and one for the shopping list. I also add the alternative plan for Michael, who eats nothing. Thus, spaghetti night must also include flatbread. You get the drift.

    Laundry: Peter washes, I fold, I remind Peter to wash. Folding sometimes happens once a week though. Until then, people rifle throught he laundry to find what they need. It seems to work. Mina has an excellent plan: one basket per family member. She sorts and distributes and they may fold or live out of the basket as they please. Jeans must not be creased. That is a sign of OCD. You may tell your Dad. Napkins should be folded and stacked under something heavy for a week.

    I pay bills online, don’t save receipts, and count reading, crafting, time out with my friends, and walking as essential sanity-preserving, life-affirming activities that make it more likely that my children will want to be with me and remember me fondly. Like you, I love writing and make time for it every day, even if it’s on facebook, responding to email, or posting on your blog. I think we do way more than you realize each day.

    The question is whether or not you think it counts. I think it all counts, especially those things that keep you and your family connected to the rest of the community. Those things may be more important than losing 10 pounds! I know that we are all grateful for your party planning spirit. You know how to create fun through your writing, and they way you artfully mix food, and drinks, and people. Maybe sometimes when you are using your natural gifts it doesn’t feel so much like work.

  4. I agree with 100% Jeanne, what great words! And lordy girl, you do plenty.
    What if you had NO kids and still couldn’t get the meal planning thing down. That my friend is pathetic.

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