Shocked to see I last posted in May! And have been very remiss in taking photos. A thousand apologies.

Since last we spoke, all the new drywall and ceilings have been installed and primed. There are can lights in the garage!

Trim work has begun inside and doors have been hung. I sadly have no photos of the doors but I will rectify that next time.

BUT the real fun last week was something I’ve been looking forward to since this whole thing started! Our cabinets are being made by Kerf, as I’ve mentioned before. Since they’re local, I was hoping we could come down and check them out in person – when we’d toured before we started planning, there were finished cabinets waiting to be shipped out.

That happened last week! I actually thought for some reason it was going to be a cardboard mock up, but we walked in and there they were! Finished! Not gonna lie, I got a little verklempt to see it come to life. I was a little worried I’d see them and think, jesus, what have I done, why did I do THAT, etc. But they are amazing! Alicia and Lindsay from Crescent came along and I think were just as in love with them as I was. (I think the Geek likes them, too.)

Here are a few photos. Not shown are the kitchen wall cabinets, mudroom or bathroom vanity. They are scheduled to be delivered TOMORROW and installed next week! SQUEE!

We also chose our light fixtures last week. I was not expecting to go the direction we did, since I didn’t like the big ball lights when I’d seen them before – pays to keep an open mind. I think the brass makes all the difference. In Seattle, we need all the brightness we can get.

We are coming down the home stretch. Tentatively scheduled to finish in mid to late August. Exterior painting should start soon if the damn rain ever stops. The couch is waiting to be delivered. I am collecting ideas for other furniture and decor. I don’t want everything new and I want to see how the finished space looks and feels before I buy too much. Any recommendations for induction cookware, comment below!

Until next time!


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