Hello, dear readers! I can now officially say we should be moved back in NEXT MONTH!

Since last we spoke, the garage door has been replaced. You can also see here the new powder room window. That was where the garage window used to be.

Power washing began today on the exterior of the house, with painting to commence in a few weeks so the siding can dry.

Speaking of painting, interior priming and painting has also started, now that trim work is finished. It will be white again, but a different shade, and fresh and clean!

A bit of a hiccup in the bathroom, when the wrong tiles arrived. Quickly rectified and all tiling has now been completed. Some sweet marmoleum was also laid in the mudroom. Wrong glossy tile shown here…

Brace yourselves, readers, for a sneak peak at the delicious Kerf cabinets! It is still hard to visualize the finished project, because the windows and floors are masked off, but we can now get an idea of the scale of things.

This is the point in the project where I start to doubt our choices, including the entire thing. Was it pure insanity to spend this much money? We could have gone with cheaper, well, pretty much everything. Did we NEED solid doors or those really sweet doorknobs? Maybe not Heath tiles for the fireplace surround? SURELY not the Kerf cabinets. People do IKEA kitchens all the time.

But then I realize that way madness lies. I went with my gut when it came time to choose most things and The Geek was fully on board with the entire scope.

I am beyond ready to be home again. I miss my stuff. We’ve basically been in limbo since March, since the space we are renting is too small for all the crafty stuff we brought. All that is still in boxes. The kitchen hurts my heart – it is barely functional.

I LIVE for the day we can have friends over to Price Place 2.0. Show them the liquor drawer, they can pet the Kerf, choose between TWO potties even, I can actually COOK in that kitchen, use the dishwasher. They will most likely still have to endure the jungle that is the yard at the moment – that won’t start til fall.

Really, I just want to see their faces at a place we dreamed of.

See you next month.


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