Apologies for missing last week’s update, but the changes, they are happening! Since my last check in with you, we have insulation! For the first time! Previously there was only a very thin layer in the attic, NONE in the walls at all. Check it out! So lovely and plush!

For reference for those who have been in the house before, the areas of plywood floor used to be the garage! It’s crazy pants!

Also last week, into this week, the drywall is being hung and finished. The dust is no joke!

Our new front door was hung. The outside will be painted, but the inside will be left natural.

You can barely see the new slider to the deck inside…

A bit of bummer news – our cabinets are delayed, so the completion date is currently pushed back to nearly the end of August. In the meantime, our flooring is currently acclimating inside and they are finishing the drywall mudding. Once the floors are installed and finished, priming of the walls will begin.

Landscape plans are also proceeding. Not sure if we will be able to install the design this fall as we’d hoped since people are booked pretty far out, but we shall see.


A note here about how surreal all of this still is. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that this is happening to OUR house. I see the changes and progress and make all these decisions and hope I’m not screwing it all up, but it still doesn’t seem REAL. As with most things, I float on top of it – it’s safer that way. But THIS. I need to sit in this, wallow in it, take it in. This is a GOOD thing. This is a DREAM coming true. I don’t want to look back at this time and regret not being in the moment. Appreciating that we even got to make these decisions or choose this thing. We walk around the house EVERY TIME WE GO and say “wow, this is where the island will be.” US, we will have an island. Another bathroom. A dishwasher.

It is absolutely nutballs insane and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Much love to you all. Hug your babies.


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