better late than never

Ah, my poppets, I have been a bit out of pocket the last week, fighting some bug.  Got some good drugs now so I’m on the mend.  In between my getting sick and well, it seems spring has finally arrived in these parts!  So half the peas got their trellis today and the strawberries now live in their own pot. The 3-foot-tall grass got mowed. And then we have this…

almost-popped poppy
soon-to-be blueberries
getting-ready-to-bloom prehistoric 20 foot tall rhodie tree
forget-me-not, a weed I don't mind
wish this was scratch and sniff
my camera couldn't handle the RED of this!
favorite of this batch

Today’s 70 degrees just leaves us wanting more and dreaming of summer nights and happy hour…Seattle in the summer is the best!


3 responses to “better late than never”

  1. That’s viburnum? Not lace-top hydrangea? I aks, because of jealousy if hydrangeas. Most of mine suffered the cold snap this spring, all the flowerbuds died.

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