mail sackage

One week before Mom’s Day this year, I was struck by inspiration (or a brain fart, depending on how you look at it.)   I had plans to get together with some other moms on Mother’s Day for some crafting.  I know! I will make them bags! Who cares that I’ll have to cut out 48 pieces of fabric and interfacing!

4 bags – one week. Not out of the realm of possibility. The pattern I used is one that I had already made a few times – the Mail Sack by local designer Kathy Mack of  Pink Chalk Studio on Bainbridge Island.   I already had the bulk of the fabric, so I ran down to the fabric store to fill in some gaps and get more interfacing and buttons.

I’ve made 3 of the large size of this pattern and now 6 of the smaller version. I’ve also made several other purse/bag type patterns I got online, and let me tell you, this one is by far the most straightforward.   I love how you can mix and match fabric to get a really unique look.  Plus it’s comfortable to wear and good-looking!


Honestly, I only did a couple small things differently than the pattern.  One involves sewing the pocket on – I think it tells you to sew the dividing line down the middle of the pocket and THEN to sew the pocket onto the lining.  I just sewed the dividing line at the same time I sewed the pocket onto the lining. That way you don’t have to sew on top of another line.  I also added a big button accent onto the side I liked the best, and I did that before I assembled the bag, so the sewing is hidden inside the lining.  And a tip when it comes to sewing the strap pieces together and doing the final strap top-stitching – reverse your sewing direction when you do the other side.  It seems to make the strap lay flatter.  Otherwise, it really is super easy!

ta da!

One last thing to consider: strap length.  I like my bag long enough to cross over and still get a hand in, so I made my straps a good 3-4 inches longer than the pattern, except for Ms. Professor Lady, who is more of a shoulder bag gal – hers is the one in front. I made hers 3-4 SHORTER than the pattern.  So think about that when cutting your pieces.

ladies and their bags

I like how each of these has a piece from a bag I have.  And the one on the right has the last pieces of the Godzilla fabric from this project.  Don’t they pose pretty!


10 responses to “mail sackage”

    • IKEA is a great place for fabric – the Godzilla and the dark gray came from there. Just make sure you get a heavy weight fabric for the outside at least – you can use regular cotton on the inside if you want. I also got some of this from Fabric Crush in Wallingford Center and some from Pacific Fabric. They used to have some good heavier weight stuff, but not so much lately. Check also The Quilting Loft in Ballard. I think they carry a lot of Amy Butler which is great for this.

      • Thanks for the tips – that was a sweet Mother’s Day gift you came up with!

  1. I love my bag!! Saw a student on campus yesterday with one like mine BUT MINE IS WAY NICER! Thanks, Chris!!

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