san juan scones – kinda

Finally!  I made a recipe from the giant pile that is Recipalooza!  It’s one I cut out of the Pacific magazine that comes in the Seattle Times back in 1994 apparently.  The title makes me think the original article may have had something to do with a B&B or something up in the San Juans, but the recipe itself doesn’t say.

Now.  It is rare that I make something exactly as it is written, due to the fact that a) I am lazy, b) I usually am missing some ingredient and c) that would be boring.  This was no exception.  Instead of 3 cups flour, I used 2 cups flour and 1 cup cornmeal because I love the texture it gives baked goods.  I also did not have currants, so I subbed some chopped cranberries. Since I intended these to be my breakfast treats for the next week, I could have used oatmeal and chopped apples as well, with some cinnamon and nutmeg.  Maybe next time.

They came together easily in the food processor.

I will say that mine took 20 minutes to bake  – the 12 minutes in the recipe is optimistic.  And since I had planned to add some lemon to the dough and forgot, I decided to do a lemon icing to gild the lily.  I used the juice from one lemon, and started adding powder sugar to thicken and sweeten it.  Let me tell you, it takes A LOT more sugar than one would think.  Actually, I would bet I put every bit of 2 cups of powdered sugar in it and it was still pretty loose.  ALSO.  I began sifting the sugar, which made a big old mess (though Jack looks good with a coating of powdered sugar) and the sugar clumped anyway.  There was cursing.  So I kept dumping it in, and strained it AFTERWARD.  Since it was still pretty loose, it soaked in a bit when I put it on the scones, which was just fine with me.

I made these before dinner, which was a bit of a tactical error, since I then had to try a bite.  I ate the whole damn thing it was so freaking good. Seriously fantastic.  The texture was excellent and made me want to try this dough as a cobbler topping and shortcake base.  You could add any fruit or flavor, but I would be wary about taking out the cornmeal – it would alter the texture too much, I think.

I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.


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