There is a space on the wall above our “office” (and by that I mean the desk upon which our computer sits in the living/dining area) that has never  been quite right.  Add to that my growing collection of thrifted art with no home, and the light bulb went off.  Gallery style hanging!  I thought it might help separate the space visually from the rest of the wall.  Regular readers will know precision in anything is not my preference/strongpoint, so I was a bit wary about taking this on and having it turn out halfway decent.  Then I saw on the glorious interweb about using newspaper templates to figure out the layout – even I could handle that.


Now, the biggest problem is that most of this art hangs by wires, making it hard to measure where the nail should go.  Let’s not tell The Geek how many *ahem* extra nail holes there may be.  And yes, I know the spacing is not perfect – you artist types will just have to live with it.  Especially the horsy print on the right – it is just a tad too big for that leftover space – but since it is a horse, I think a certain artist might forgive me.

time for your close up!
someday i will find a good mid century lamp, i swear

The bottom line is it makes me happy despite its lack of precision!  And it does separate the space like I hoped it would.  Bonus: I get to see the stuff that would otherwise lay around in a pile.


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