The Girl Child turned into a teenager today.  Holy crap.  She is getting to the age that I can remember being (not being like Lefty, who can probably remember things from the womb). Like her,  I can remember planning out wardrobe pieces, though I didn’t have the interweb to assist me.  Specifically, a burgundy corduroy blazer when I was her age. But I digress.

In honor of the big 1-3, thirteen words and wishes for my girl baby…

  • Dream.  Dream big and reach for them.  You have the power.
  • Be kind.  Life is short enough as it is.  Don’t waste a minute of it being mean, or with people who are mean.
  • Stripes and patterns do go together.  Mix it up.
  • Widen your gaze.  What’s right in front of you isn’t always all there is.
  • Try.  Yes, you might fail. But what if you don’t?
  • Listen.  To a friend who needs you, to people who have something to teach, to your heart.  Especially to your mom.
  • Laugh.  It makes everything brighter.  It makes the wrinkles worth it.
  • Make your bed.  If that is clean, it makes the rest of the mess less obnoxious.
  • Write.  Don’t forget that gift. Texting does not count.
  • Work hard.  The easy way out is usually the hardest in the end.
  • Stop.  Take a minute once in a while and just stop.  Remember the moment.  How things smell and taste.  How you feel. The people.
  • Family.  We love you.  And you are lucky enough to have friends who may not be related by blood, but are family nonetheless.
  • Love.  All I really want for you is to know you are loved, and someday find your own love.  To have nothing but peace and joy and happy ever after.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.  Happy birthday, baby girl.

first day of kindergarten, with my first day photo

8 responses to “thirteen”

  1. I would like to add to your list.
    Persevere – anything that is cool to do is hard. And you are going to suck at it for a long time. But put your head down and work on it, and one day you magically will be able to do it. Magically with work.

    Forgive yourself – When you make a mistake recognize that mistake — cop to it and accept any fallout from that mistake — and then move on. Mistakes do not define you if you learn from them.

    Then finally – two nuggets of truth that Scott has taught to me:
    1) don’t kid yourself. (seeing yourself clearly is one of the hardest and best things you can do to be happy.)
    2) It can’t last. (no matter what is happening, be it good or bad, it can’t last. So savor the good, and persevere through the bad. And that brings us back to the beginning.)

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