begin again

It’s a long, bumpy road, this life thing.  You’d think by the time you get to be a “certain age”, you’d have it pretty much down, or at least the big stuff.  Not the case, at least for me.   Sometimes it’s just so easy to maintain the status quo, to avoid rocking the boat or taking risks.  Even when the writing is HUGELY on the wall.  Your vision narrows and you stay the course.  But it turns out the risk of staying the course is riskier than changing it.  So you leap, and hope you don’t pull everyone down with you.

But then. Look at that.  The trip down is a little turbulent, but the landing is pretty swell.  Everything is brighter, lighter. You wonder what took you so long, and remember the hard parts, the complicated bits.  But really, they were small, compared to this.  You see that now. You see the fresh, the peace, the possibilities. You are grateful for the new beginning, a chance to be even more and even greater.

And especially grateful for the people who have the faith to see it, too.


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