early bloomers

Yesterday we visited our second plant sale of the season, the Arboretum’s Early Bloomers sale.  Members donate starts from their own garden and the proceeds go to support the Arboretum.  But first – check this out.  Not raining Friday night, yet this appeared over our house.


Anyhoo.  We picked up The Lovely Miss Z to whisk her away to the sale.  This sale is the  mellowest of any we go to, which is kinda refreshing.

sunny perennials. wishful thinking, currently

They also have smaller starts down in the green house.  I was tempted by this one, just for the name.  But I restrained myself.  Barely.

loving this name

We came home with some good stuff:  Yellow Lady Bank’s Rose (a fragrant climber for the deck post), sweet box, a yellow lily, an interesting Nepal Willow, “Pleasant White” azalea, a white forsythia, and a satuki azalea.  And in news on the home front,  my peas have sprouted! The beasts did not eat them all!

pea babies

Elsewhere around the yard –

my spring favorite – smells like heaven
flowering quince – this one is practically pre-historic

And in the “best save” department, a red contorted filbert that I bought *ahem* last year and never planted is evidently still alive.  We shall see.

breathe, dammit, breathe!

Next up in the sale arena – the NW Perennial Alliance sale next Sunday. It was really excellent last year.  I need to get a wagon for this one!


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