looking forward

It seems to me that by this time last year, much fun had already been had in the sun.  I distinctly remember sitting in the sun with Miss Z and drinking Prosecco pre-plant sale in mid-March, fer crying out loud.  And the weather being so nice, I already had lots of yard chores done and plant babies in.  So far, 2011 has been a bust.  I am left to planning what I WILL do in the sun, should it ever actually make more than a 5 minute, filtered appearance.  Such as:

  • Busting out the spring clothes.  I am most displeased that I am still having to wear winter’s wardrobe.  It was 38 degrees here when I came to work yesterday, and it snowed the day before that!  My skirts and sandals are dying to come out and play.
  • Getting yard work done!  Seriously, it disgusts me.  Not only the regular maintenance stuff in the front, but the whole back yard needs to be gutted.  Which I am actually kind of excited about.  Pressure washing, concrete staining, junk hauling – all that needs to happen first.  Then the rebuilding of the landscaping.  And plant buying.  Maybe less viewing of 4 neighbors yards.  Also, I would super appreciate it if the “lawn” would  dry out enough for me to mow it before it’s 3 feet high.
  • Happy hours al fresco!  Yes!  Fancy cocktails, food and good people on Fridays!  Hoping it becomes a regular thing this summer.
  • Picnics.  In the park, with The Sandwich.  Our go-to is salami, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on rosemary or olive bread, with dijon, olive oil and salt and pepper.
  • Don’t even get me started on BBQ’s.  Ribs, foolproof grilled chicken, cornbread salad, potato salad, grilled asparagus, grilled haloumi.  PIEEEEE.
  • Camping.  It’s true, I may well be the only member of my family that actually enjoys camping – the others endure it.  First trip out this year – Steamboat Rock in June.
  • Farmers markets.  I will try to grow some things, but I LOVE the cornucopia of stuff you can get at the markets.  Goal this year:  go to the University Farmers market and get everything for the entire meal.
  • Summer schedule.  On Wednesdays-Fridays, I get home at 2:30 pm.  Which makes the summer days seem twice as long.  Kids are home, we can head out to swim, picnic, take Jack to the park…
  • Big goal this year!  CLEAN OUT THE FREAKING GARAGE.  Our house is 980 SF.  The garage is another 500 SF of unfinished, packed-to-the-gills, space.   Need to gut it so we can one day convert part of it at least to living space.  It will be done!

I hope I get to do some of these things soon. Otherwise, the consequences may be dire.  I’m used to this weather, having lived here since the 70’s but jesus, this is too much!

What about you – what are you looking forward to when the sun comes out?


2 responses to “looking forward”

  1. D-boy was asking about the garage yesterday. He seems to think it will be gutted, walls put up, new sofa, and a big ass tv put in by July. What a dreamer! I forgot about the sandwich. You just made me hungry.

  2. Dang lousy weather! You are right that Tilth and pre-sale sun tanning was mid March last year. I barely got my lawn mowed today before it started pouring. Yep, sick of it. At least we got some most excellent plants this weekend!

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