we’re go for launch!

Hello? Is this thing on?  Can you hear me now?  I imagine the learning curve on this whole blogging thing is quite severe, so bear with me.  I am new.

My vision for this beast is an outlet, record keeper, interactive space for all the things I usually pack around in my head. The load is getting heavy.  Mainly, yard/gardening, anything involving fabric, design, a bit of cooking, maybe some kids/daily survival thrown in.  My niece is going off to college in the fall, and my mom keeps saying how fast they grow. It’s true, for darn near everything. I’m beginning to be afraid of forgetting the stuff I want, and need, to remember.  So here it will be.



5 responses to “we’re go for launch!”

  1. The best reason to keep a blog, just think how happy you will be to see everything recorded down the line. Can’t wait for the stories!

    -signed A Big Fan

  2. Hey, this is great!

    Carolyn is right, even my sparsely updated blog is interesting for me to go back and read. it is always good to go back and see what i was thinking about.

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