new garden babies

Thanks to Willi from Diggin Food,  I stumbled upon this strawberry plant, and Annie’s Annuals.  Which I have to say is pretty frakking amazing, when it comes to pure floral overload.  Consider yourself warned, if you like plants at all, when you open that link, you will lose a good 30 minutes of your life, not to mention be many dollars poorer.   But SO much richer in the garden!  These babies will be coming to me in late March.

As usual, I have no real idea where I will put them. I just LIKE them.  And luckily my yard is large enough to accommodate such lack of planning.

Fragaria vesca ‘Golden Alexandria

Agrostemma githago ‘Ocean Pearls’

Papaver ‘Pink Heirloom’ “Pink Heirloom Poppy”

Claytonia sibirica “Candyflower”

Delphinium elatum ‘Double Innocence’

Hesperis matronalis ‘White’ “White Sweet Rocket”

Aquilegia caerulea ‘Krystal’


3 responses to “new garden babies”

    • I am a sucker for the white ones, it’s true. I’m trying to at least vary the texture, height, etc. Annie’s site has a great wish list feature, so you can see your selections in a collection. Helps with the “planning”, such as it is.

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