fresh booty

Yesterday on my doorstep was a box of treasures, fresh from Annie’s Annuals in California.

It’s been awhile since I ordered plants through the mail, so I was a little scared of what condition they would be in.  Luckily, they were in pretty decent shape.  Several broken leaves, and only one that may need replacing.

Since my camera is on its last legs and won’t be replaced til payday, I thought I’d post the photos from Annie’s site. Of course this isn’t what they look like YET, but hopefully someday soon!

Fragaria vesca ‘Golden Alexandria’


Agrostemma githago ‘Ocean Pearls’


Papaver ‘Pink Heirloom’ “Pink Heirloom Poppy”


Claytonia sibirica “Candyflower”


Delphinium elatum ‘Double Innocence’


Hesperis matronalis ‘White’ “White Sweet Rocket”


march in the garden

Look – it’s a wee little pea sprout!

I *think* there might be some spinach and poppy sprouts too, but honestly, it could be weeds.  We shall see…

And my new lettuces…

And some oregano and thyme…

Tulips, and maples and muscari – oh my!

You would think you could post photos side by side, but I sure haven’t figured it out.  Last  – the newly pruned apple tree.

I can’t wait to see what April brings!


After months of anticipation, The Lovely Miss Z got the party started with this sweet gift:

And we popped a bottle of Prosecco and plopped down OUTSIDE ON MARCH 19TH with a lovely spread of meats and cheeses and bread while we contemplated our soon-to-be-loot (and the bottom of said Prosecco bottle – tasty stuff, and you can’t save it, you know).

And then we headed out!  A gorgeous day for the sale it was, too.  This is the sight that greeted us:

Yes, that is a line of people!  All of whom paid $25 each to come the night BEFORE the sale to avoid the crowds and get primo plant selection.  Once inside we were greeted by rows of baby veggies and herbs and flowers and bamboo and trees and berries – OH MY!  There might have been a little squealing going on at this point.

And then the booty-collecting began!  Lots of lettuces, tarragon, a fig tree, some bamboo, pansies, calendula, bachelor buttons, a random cauliflower, some beets AND a currant plant!

So today the real fun starts – the planting!  Weather could not be better – high 60’s and sunny! But first, a little birthday cake baking…