fresh booty

Yesterday on my doorstep was a box of treasures, fresh from Annie’s Annuals in California.

It’s been awhile since I ordered plants through the mail, so I was a little scared of what condition they would be in.  Luckily, they were in pretty decent shape.  Several broken leaves, and only one that may need replacing.

Since my camera is on its last legs and won’t be replaced til payday, I thought I’d post the photos from Annie’s site. Of course this isn’t what they look like YET, but hopefully someday soon!

Fragaria vesca ‘Golden Alexandria’


Agrostemma githago ‘Ocean Pearls’


Papaver ‘Pink Heirloom’ “Pink Heirloom Poppy”


Claytonia sibirica “Candyflower”


Delphinium elatum ‘Double Innocence’


Hesperis matronalis ‘White’ “White Sweet Rocket”



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