embracing my inner dane

Greetings, my long lost poppets! It seems so long since last we met.

Spring is afoot here finally. We actually enjoyed our pre-Easter dinner cocktails OUTSIDE, if you can believe it. In Seattle, that is a very uncommon state of affairs in early April.

And April marks another important date in this household. April 19th will make FIVE YEARS of home ownership AND the Girl Child will turn FOURTEEN.  Yes, this one.


Anyway, back to the house. When we moved in (weird, I TOTALLY thought I did a post about what the house looked like when we bought it, but damned if I could find it. Will have to rectify.)  we painted the dingy main living areas a light blue. And while I still like that, some areas are looking a bit worn and could do with some freshening.  Also, I get bored easily and in a house this small, there aren’t a lot of options for furniture rearranging, so I play with curtains and pillows – easy stuff.

I’ve mostly been a mid-century girl these last few years (a long way from my Shabby Chic 90’s!) and am even more drawn to the crisp clean lines of white walls, with wood furniture and pops of color via textiles or art. Very Scandinavian, which makes sense given the big hunk of Danish blood I’ve got. 🙂 A room like this for example.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Granted, a lot of these types of rooms have white wood floors and I’m not about to do that. BUT I am planning to redo our blue walls a la Manhattan Nest’s brilliant Daniel. (BTW, LOVE his place. I think I have a little crush.)  So this..


And this…


will be white!  And the fireplace a slightly different shade perhaps, in a glossier finish.

No doubt the Geek is hyperventilating with panic right about now. Not to fret. The painting will me AFTER the garage is cleaned out and the house decluttered. The carrot to keep me moving forward on those unpleasant tasks. Swear!

If I don’t get totally burned out, I’ll even paint the kitchen cabinets a light gray and get that damn door fixed and trim painted.  And maybe even this for a certain 14-year-old.

Source: Bolig

Big plans afoot, people!


3 responses to “embracing my inner dane”

  1. “AFTER the garage is cleaned out and the house decluttered.” Loving the use of the passive voice here. You let me know when you need me and my active-ass voice.

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