march on

The last two Marches have not been good to me.  Which is a shame, because I am a fan of spring and would prefer to be enjoying it.  Last March we were dealing with the lease meltdown.  This March it’s a combination of things – sales down, mechanical issues on the home front costing money, and almost more aggravating, people issues. I hate unnecessary drama, despite what some people might think.  When it involves people you really thought were your friends, it becomes even harder to reconcile.  It sucks the life right out of me.

This morning I decided enough is enough.  No more gnashing of teeth over what I have no control over.  I am done letting the stress take me over.  Time to take back March!  Sales are what they are – there is not much I can do about that.  The people thing – well, that is not up to me to fix, and apparently the people who should do the fixing have no desire to do so.  People change, and not always for the better.  So though it goes against every grain in me,  I will Let. It. Go.

I will instead go through my fabric and make things.  A skirt for spring or a new bag.  I will pull weeds and plant new garden babies.  I will declutter (in the garage and in my brain).  I will pressure wash like hell.  I will menu plan. I will bake cake pops and cheesecake. I will celebrate birthdays. I will purge the Boy Child’s crack den of a room. I will  prepare to have a teenage daughter. I will have a cocktail in the sun with people who make me laugh.

I will make the most of the last days of this sucky March.  And April, well, it will rock.


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