out with the old

This year (and let’s be honest, a big, fat chunk of 2009) can totally SUCK IT.  Bring on bright and shiny 2011.  I am so looking forward to a fresh start and better luck in the new year.   There will be at least one baby born to an old friend, three couples getting hitched this summer, camping galore, and lots of cocktails and treats in the yard.

I am not a fan in general of resolutions – seems like  a setup for failure- but I have made note of  a few things I’d like to get done in 2011.  As some of you may know, our garage is *ahem* Stage One Hoarders.  Ever since we moved in in 2007, it has been the dumping ground for things unfinished or unneeded.  Ms. Professor did her level best 2 years ago to clean it out, but well, that was 2 years ago.  It’s mainly the stuff in the middle that is the problem – the perimeter contains stuff we actually use.  So!  Priority number one!  Get the crap out of the garage!  Eventually, part of this space will be converted to living space, so we will need to insulate, dry wall, heat, etc.  All of which will be much easier if one can access the walls.  And floor.  So out with the cedar chest and drop leaf table, too-small bikes, boxes of files, clothes no longer worn, long-dried-up buckets of paint!  We will go from something like this….


to something like this!

In the same vein, it is high time I got rid of clothes, shoes and bags I no longer use.  I am too old for that cheap crap anymore!  Time to invest in some better quality things!  Hence the Spring ’11 board on Pinterest. Our house is way too small to keep all that flotsam and jetsam around.  If I don’t love it, it’s out.  No mercy!  Priority number two!  Less stuff!

Now that the inside is taken care of, time to move outside.  We did some work in the front yard last year, building the boxes and planting some new things.  Time to move to the backyard, so we can enjoy some outdoor dining in proper style!  We have a fair number of very old shrubs and trees back there, but we also have a lot of weeds and holes to fill in.  I’d like to see less of the neighbors!  Given that it’s also Jack’s territory, we’ll have to plant some bigger things to give them a fighting chance.  Maybe also an outdoor fire pit.  Stain the concrete donut.  A shed back there for the rocket box and wood?  Paint the picnic table?  Priority number three!  Better yard!

Also on tap for 2011: More knitting.  More sewing. More cooking/baking. More hiking. More photos.  Just – more.

Some of you seem to think all I do is stuff. Plan stuff. Do stuff.  Make stuff.  All true.  Because if I don’t DO all those things NOW, when will I do them?  Someday, it will be too late.   There is so much to do in so little time.  And I haven’t even gone to Europe yet!

Full disclosure: I also spend a fair chunk of time watching mindless tv and wondering who’s going to do that laundry and those dishes (sometimes me. Sometimes the Geek.)

So then.  Cheers to 2011.  Looking forward to sharing food and drink, camping, photos, hikes, yarn, flowers, more food and drink. And if you need a cedar chest, I’m your girl.



4 responses to “out with the old”

  1. You are far more together than you are willing to admit.

    First, I’d like to slap hands in a big white-boy high five to 2011. 2010 did indeed suck. It sucked all kinds of things, including the monkey’s ass that your geek so delicately pointed out. The house, yard, kids, finances, attitudes, and reading time all took two giant steps backwards last year.

    I started the year losing 15 pounds and put it all back on between the start of school and Christmas this year. Somethings gotta give, besides my jeans. I’ve started walking three miles a day again in preparation for running. As you said, not a resolution. If I make it a resolution, the first thing I will do is start rebelling. I’ll tell myself, “You’re not the boss of me!” and it will all end right there.

    On at least 300 days last year I came home from work and said, “What do you want for dinner?” The answer was always, “I don’t know,” followed closely by, “I’m too hungry to deal with this, let’s go out.” For the past five weeks I have actually made weekly meal plans with shopping lists and stuck to them pretty religiously. The result is that we go out to eat a lot less, but I’m not convinced that I’m saving any money. Grocieries cost enough now that it might be a wash. But I do enjoy cooking, and feel more in control when I know what’s for dinner. Of course, this has forced me to have more than four meals up my sleeve. The goal has been to make something different everynight for two weeks straight, and then I can start recycling. Man! When you cook without vegetables it’s tough to come up with 14 different recipes.

    In the end, we still make something different for Michael every night because he only eats pizza, top ramen, steak, baked potatoes (not mashed) and salami. He reminds me so much of myself. I’m still alive at 48, so I figure he has a relatively good chance of making it at least to middle age.

    I met a new friend yesterday and tried to explain my life. The response? “Thanks for being so honest, but it’s like you’re daring me to like you or something.”

    • Now THAT’S the kind of comment I’m talking about! Clearly, you need to come to Stitch (we can swap recipes AND bitching). Also, no wonder Dean and Michael get on like a house on fire. They eat the same things.

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