Finally!  Something good to write about!  And no, sadly, it is not bar-related.  (Let’s just get that update out of the way:  we are waiting to hear back from the buyers about a lease.  Again.)

No, THIS is the fun new toy, a Panasonic LX3…

It came today.  I fired up the battery this morning and took it out for a test spin at lunch today.  Be warned – I am a complete and utter amateur.  Here are a few shots from the Market (note the fierce wide angle on this baby!)

I took this next one for Mike – it’s not the real Skillet, but supposed to be good all the same.  From the people of Beechers cheese fame.

This is the view out my office window…

Then I came home and busted out the Macro/Flower thingie…

Oh, hey, if any of you have any blogging/posting photos via Mac tips, I’d be eternally grateful.  I swear I do it differently every time, and I’m surely doing it some dumbass, inefficient way.  Now, back to the manual…


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