strong features

I was told (or accused, depending on how you look at it) while in college that I am “brutally honest”.  I can’t even remember the reason for it or who said it.  It went along with the “intimidating bitch” description.  I always found that a bit mystifying and slightly amusing, for it was usually put forth by someone who didn’t know me very well.  I’m a pushover! A giant teddy bear!

Unless.  Unless you happen to be an unkind person, or especially stupid, or two-faced.  For those types, I have no patience, and probably do deserve those other descriptions.    If calling it like I see it is “brutally honest”, then yes, guilty on all counts.   If you think I am an “intimidating bitch”, you either don’t know me very well, or you are an unkind person, especially stupid or two-faced.  Half-joking.

I’ve also been described as having  “strong features”, and not just physically.  This scares some people.  Apparently they don’t like it when you don’t put up with their bullshit.  This can be a problem in situations like elementary school, where parental politics reign supreme.  At first, you try to fit in and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but really, not everyone deserves that.  Maybe that’s brutally honest – doesn’t make it any less true.

Lately the “strong features” have been getting a work out.  Crazy landlords with no grasp on reality had to be given a large dose – still waiting to see if they realize the error of their ways.  Children and friends need to be protected- I’ve got their back.  Some might consider this a personality flaw.  Maybe so.  But I’d rather know that what I’m saying and doing is the truth, even if it’s not always soft and pretty.


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