Back to spring in Seattle today, shocking my poor lettuces AGAIN, since they woke up cold and crispy on Saturday morning.   We bought some little lovelies at the Arboretum Early Bloomer sale Saturday, and spent a good chunk of the day weeding (mostly the Geek) and planting here and there.  Still some things left to plant, and at this point in the spring, it can be hard to tell what’s a weed and what might actually be a plant making its return.  Especially when we’re removed and rearranged and added so much in the three years since we bought this place.  Here it is while we were still doing interior work, hadn’t even had the windows replaced yet…

The only thing still standing in this shot is the Japanese maple.  And I am STILL pulling those god foresaken  bluebells out.  I hate them with a white hot heat.

The windows go in!  Added the flower box and some sweet peas under the railing, and decided one day that those shrubberies were getting on my last nerve and had to COME OUT RIGHT NOW.  Damn near killed me trying to get it all out.

Below, we brought the lychnis (the pinks) with us from the Green Lake place, and left the azalea on the far corner.  The rest is gone.  And those freaking yellow flowers whose name I don’t know are still popping up everywhere!

This the same space from two years ago.  The area under the window by the railing was planted with Irish moss, brass buttons and blue star creeper, so we could have a place to sit out front (see me and Miss Z before the tilth sale!)

Then last spring/summer I pulled out that climbing rose and the heathers.  Put in the star of the show, “Ukigumo” maple. Added some echinaccea, hollyhock, poppies, grasses, daisies, nine bark, sunflowers…

Dusty miller, crocosmia…some of which I might have pulled today if I hadn’t had these pictures to remind me of what was where last year!  That liatris was almost a  goner today!  This space is only a sliver of the yard – we’ve also made some pretty big changes to the front border and under the rhodie “tree”, and on the south side of the house.  The north side and the backyard, well, let’s just say those are ongoing.  And going. And going.  At least I have a good spot in the front yard.  Just need one of those standing hammocks now…and a mojito…


6 responses to “progress”

  1. Wow, that is so great you took progressive photos. You are doing great! Now I need to catch up with the Annie’s Annuals and your new plants. Look how plain your front bed was just a few years ago.
    I am lame and am still figuring out where to put things. Not enough time!

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