Back to reality after 5 days at coast.  5 days of stormy weather and 3 families in a giant house with piss-poor kitchen accoutrements that did not stop us from cranking out some serious food.  Plenty of games played and stitches sewn.  Dogs nervously let off the leash to tear off down the beach after a little orange ball.

I love cresting the curve on I-5 just as downtown comes into view, especially after being in the middle of nowhere for days.  It’s comforting and exciting at the same time.  It’s home.  My brain feels scrubbed from the sea air and break from routine, slightly more ready to take on the letter from the landlord that is supposedly coming any day.  Renergized enough to finish the nagging house projects in this tiny little space  (I sure wouldn’t mind that 3rd floor at the beach house).

Speaking of breaks, the camera seems to be suffering from one somehow.  I like these anyway.


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