getting my flea on

So last weekend I went to So Cal to meet up with some friends.  We timed it so that we could cross an item off our bucket lists – visiting the grandaddy of all flea markets: The motherloving ROSE BOWL!!

It happens the second Sunday of every month.  We opted to go after the crazies (read: dealers) so we showed up around 9:30.  It was already pretty packed.

Insert angels singing

the people watching was almost as good as the loot

Holy moly, people.  Even JWR, who I spent many a Saturday with up at the antique mall on Aurora but who doesn’t really feel the “thrifting” love, was impressed.  I wished they handed out maps, or aerial views at least. We knew it was huge, but we really had no way to get our bearings. We went up and down the rows as best we could.  There was ALL MANNER OF THINGS.



get it?! a C AND i'm in the picture!

I was DROOLING over the mid-century furniture.  If I lived there AND had the space and money, there was probably 5 pieces that would have gone home with me.

come to mama

plethora o goodies

sofa. seriously.

desk of awesome

Of course, along with the fabulous, there was a fair amount of just plain weird.

phone home...

hmm. i didn't get this one.

Of course, I HAD to come home with something!  And it couldn’t be anything big – it had to fit in my carry-on.  Luckily, in the first few minutes, I found this – for $8.  I tried to find out more about it, but I came up empty.  The ONLY other Sylvia Hood Original I found on Ebay was a pair of figurines.  I did find out that it’s called chalkware.  And that there apparently bigger versions of this out there.  It may not even be worth $8 – I don’t care.  I love it and the fact that it says Pasadena is the best part.

who. who.

owl bottom

As always, I’m a sucker for anything in a mid-century frame, so I picked this up for $10.  It’s signed “Kufler” and on the back says “Austria 1942” in handwriting.  Also couldn’t find anything about this on the interweb but I love it anyway.  It goes with the painting I scored at the Salvation Army.

Austria 1942

The sheer volume and variety of stuff was amazing. And overwhelming.  Just when we were ready to call it good (maybe having walked a third of it?), we discovered BEER!  YES!  They are smart, these organizers.  The men following their women folk were especially grateful when we told them where they could find this magic elixir.  And in California, you can walk around with it!

beer break

I don’t who that chick is on the left, but considering the man we got to take the photo barely spoke English, I wasn’t going to argue.  And for you Seattleites, check out the flip flops!  In March!  Definitely worth another trip.  When I have a bigger suitcase. Or a U Haul.

goodwill hunting

I have recently renewed my long-dormant love for thrifting.  I come by it rightfully – my mother is a garage sale queen.  Seriously.  The poor thing just had to move, and I am very grateful I live out-of-state and thus got to miss that whole nightmare.  (I did offer to come help with her garage sale in the spring though.  It will be the mack daddy of all garage sales.)  In high school, I Pretty-in-Pinked it up.  90% of my wardrobe was culled from thrift stores, because a) it was cheap and b) I loved vintage even then.

Back then, I bought mainly clothes, shoes, an accessory here and there. Now that I have a house, wee tiny though it is,  a whole new world has opened up.  Check out this MAJOR recent score, all mine for $10!!  All it needed was a piece of the edge glued back on!

Please excuse the rug.  That is on the to-do list.  You can see in the background two blankets I rescued at the same time about a month ago.  Someone put a lot of love and time into these two gems.

I’ve found some of my favorite art at thrift stores, too.

Actually I think I got that last one at a garage sale, and it has a mate – different subject but same colors.

Plenty of great vintage pottery and dishes, too.  Pyrex is my friend.

I still sort through the occasional sweater rack.  I don’t do shoes anymore though – it skeeves me out now. Can’t wash those puppies. Same with purses.

My son, who is a materialistic little bugger, shares my love of the hunt.  His recent big haul, brand new Halo stuff – honest to god I thought his head was going to explode.  LITERALLY.  Someday we are going to go on a holy pilgrimage to the mecca of Goodwills in Seattle – THE DOWNTOWN STORE.  Gotta train for that though.

Not everyone knows the joy of the hunt, however.  I am converting the non-believers one at a time (except The Geek – he doesn’t do libraries or thrift stores).  JWR once went in one, and agreed there were some interesting offerings.  Jenny from the East will be partaking for the first time next weekend east of the mountains.  There is nothing better than a small-town thrift store!  AND this one apparently is right next to a Mexican place with awesome margaritas!  Win win!  My fingers are crossed that lots of old ladies make a big drop off this week!