This week marks two important anniversaries.  Today is the one year anniversary of The Troubles at the Roanoke, when we first began the long journey of dealing with the lease mess, documented here, here,  and here.  On this day a year ago, we had NO idea that it would take the twists and turns that it did.  One year later, we have a lease and soldier on trying to make a go of it in this economy.  I sure wouldn’t mind worrying about TOO MUCH money instead of not enough – someday hopefully.  In the meantime, we are, as ever, grateful for the support and love constantly on display while we struggled through the lease nightmare.  It boggles my mind still.  Looking back on that time, it’s a wonder one or the both of us didn’t end in the hospital from stress. It’s amazing what the human mind and body can put up with when put to the test.

Secondly, Saturday makes one year of Foible and Folly, this self-indulgent little blog.  It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been that long.  Thanks for reading these ramblings – according to the stat counter, there are a few actual readers when you weed out the spam referrers.  Thanks especially to the commenters – it’s the only way I know if something resonates.

As with The Roanoke, I am still working on Foible and Folly, trying to make them great. I am thankful to have each in my life and for your support, love and faith.

when the going gets tough

hello out there…

Been a rollercoaster over here lately and i have been remiss in posting.  Apologies.  I had expected the tide to turn in our favor, if that damn horoscope was to be believed, but alas that is not the case.  At least, it seems that way now – in a month or so, we may be saying it DID turn in our favor, we just didn’t know it.

We found out Friday that the Roanoke has until July 31st in our current location.  Bittersweet news to get on the eve of our 15th Anniversary party.  We seriously wanted to just pull the plug on the party – definitely didn’t feel like celebrating – but folks had come from far and wide and plans had been made.  The show must go on.

SO glad we did.  JunkBelly rocked the house, and no one seemed to notice how small  our tiny little back room was.  They were up close and personal with the band.

Photo by Mike Frantz

The Keeper then took the stage for some mind-melting metal…

Photo by C. Mendenhall

Any sadness we’d been feeling was tempered by so many people telling how pissed and shocked they were to hear the news.  Lots of hugs and good wishes made it a night of celebration after all.

Photo by C. Mendenhall

Yeah, it sucks to go out this way.  But with so many people behind us, we’re fired up to find a new space and make the Roanoke even greater.  This place means something to us and a lot of other people, and we can’t just throw that away.  So thanks to those of you who came and showed us the love – it was just what the doctor ordered.  Onward and upward.

Oh, and if you hear of a bar that needs a tenant, let us know.