The Geek recently reminded me that it’s been, as the kids say, a hot minute since I laid down any words here. My bad.

No particular reason, aside from lack of motivation and/or inspiration. I find 2017 – and by that I mean Trump et al – sucked every last bit of positive energy from my soul. I do not exaggerate. On a near daily basis.

But I digress. It wasn’t all bad. I was lucky enough to visit Europe TWICE last year. Who’d a thunk it. Not me. Once to Paris and Amsterdam with the Girl Child and her friend and in December with three friends, a whirlwind of a trip to Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Paris over 10 days.  It was beautiful and exhausting and refilling all at the same time.

I also turned the big 5-0 last August. I celebrated by splurging on a Gucci bag (they gave us champagne!), dinner at Canlis with our BFFs from San Fran, and a weekend extravaganza at the beach with lots of lovely friends and family. Though, I won’t lie – that last bit was quite socially taxing! Appearances to the contrary, I am NOT an extrovert.

Which brings us to 2018. Nothing on the docket, which I have to say is pretty refreshing. We have big plans for the homestead! I SWEAR TO GOD this is the year we clean out the garage. No, seriously.  I’ve already started inside – I made $282 from consigning some things! Lots more to go, but it felt good. I’ve got a swap with friends coming up to offload even more.

On the social/entertaining side, I’m also planning to downsize. Due to my bossy nature, I usually make all the food which ends up being quite the investment. So I’m resolved to let folks actually bring stuff! I know! Shocking! It’s a compromise, so The Geek will let me still invite people over – the rest of the family would never have another party again if given the choice. I like to see people (see above re extrovert; go figure), so here we are. Maybe some other folks will invite us over. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Big plans for making things in 2018, too! Sewing, painting and gluing galore!

I hope your 2018 brings you peace and goals achieved. Fingers crossed mine will.


Me in snowy Prague



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