a walk in the park

So far this summer the weather in Seattle has been ridonculous – barely a rainy day in sight. It’s a little spooky, actually. Despite this, my kids have spent an insane amount of time in front of a screen of some sort. Yesterday, I’d had enough.

I laid down the law – it was Family Day and WE WERE LEAVING THE HOUSE. The Geek and Boy Child were on board with this plan, the Girl Child not so much. At all. Sadly, she chose to skip the Family Day at the expense of seeing her friends this week.

The original plan was to head to the Sculpture Park near Seattle Center, but given that this weekend was Bite of Seattle and the Center would therefore be crazy with people, we opted for the trails and views at Discovery Park in Magnolia instead. It’s one of those local places we don’t often think of going to – it’s been years in fact since our last visit. And we’ve never taken the trail down to the beach.

This is the view from the top, overlooking Puget Sound for you non-locals.


hilltop 2

If you disregard the panting words of the woman returning from the beach who claims there are 250 stairs to the bottom and coerce your reluctant family to give it a shot, you also get to see this.


I don’t think there were actually 250 stairs. Maybe 50, but it was nearly a mile long. And it was cool traipsing through the forested trails, expecting to reach the Shire around the very next bend.

At the bottom, your reward is this. This is the beach looking toward Golden Gardens and Shilshole Marina.


And this way looks toward Alki/West Seattle.


For the life of him, Jack could not understand WHY there was all this glorious water that he was not allowed to go in (Seattle parks rule: No dogs on beaches.) We did cheat a little, but considering all the off-leash fully wet dogs we saw, we didn’t feel too bad.


Ack! Too far! Soaking wet shoe!jackbeach2

Also at the end of this spit is a wee, tiny lighthouse. No idea if it is still in use, but I do love me a lighthouse.


There is still stuff inside, so maybe they use it? No Hobbitses though.


It was a lovely walk with fantastic views, marred only by the absence of my favorite 15-year-old girl. The boys did manage to crack themselves up with this pose.


It sure was easier back in these days. I’m hoping she realizes family time isn’t so bad before it’s too late. All that Gossip Girl and Kardashians  is gonna get pretty old pretty soon, right?

bw kids


2 responses to “a walk in the park”

  1. She must be so torn. She seemed to have the best time on our other outing. But then those kids who don’t ever get pushed out of the house compete for her time. Be a geek and love hanging with my crazy hilarious family, or Tappa Tappa on my screen. I hope a year never comes that she refuses to go camping.

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