summer making

Since we are sticking around this summer for the most part – not camping and no weddings this year – I’m looking forward to lots of BBQ’s and dinners and day trips involving picnics. Which means I’ve been perusing my Pinterest boards for new things to try. Pinterest is a double-edged sword. A great resource for keeping things to try later, IF you remember to go and actually DO that.

Slight problem. The board I started pinning food and drink things to has gotten out of hand. Like 600+ things out of hand, making it hard to track down things I remember pinning. So I started reorganizing, but man, it wears a person’s hand out clicking on each pin 2-3 times to finally move it to another board. But I am working on it.

Take Drinks for example.  Good stuff on here, but I’m thinking we’ll be trying some sort of sangria sooner rather than later since I’ve never had it.  This one, perhaps? Or maybe this one? Good thing the summer is long enough to try most of the things on this board…

Having some Wenatchee folks in town this weekend for Father’s Day Extravaganza, and that means some serious eating.  We’re planning to hit the U District Farmers Market to source as much as we can for a big dinner Saturday night.  Thinking these along with a couple other crostini, including the FABULOUS and oh so simple Irish butter with GOOD quality anchovies (Ortiz from Spain is a winner in our book). Even if you are unsure about anchovies, you really need to try this. Seriously.

Probably do some brined chicken breasts for protein, and a grilled veggie pasta salad.  Maybe a big greens and herbs salad with the Herbfarm dressing. And THIS for dessert – depending on the berries we find.

Picnics will be crying out for Pressed Sandwiches. And at some point, this eggplant will make it on the grill. And these refrigerator pickles will be mine.

I really want to do a brunch this summer. So many options.  This potato salad instead of hashbrowns? Lemon blueberry loaf? And somewhere I have a candied bacon recipe. Baked eggs, yes please.  Minty Dogs, of course. And this for the kidlets.

Looking at all these pictures of food so early in the morning is probably unwise. Now I am starving. But oh so looking forward to the tasty things to come in the next few months.

Hope you eat well this summer, too.


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