They say that the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over and expecting a different outcome each time. If that is the case, then I am certifiable. Well on my way to Crazytown.

Just as it’s hard to establish new habits, it’s damn near impossible to break bad ones. There has been ongoing “discussion” in our house about school work habits. One child who had it easy in elementary school and the first couple years of middle school is now finding that waiting til the last minute or not handing work in is no longer working. Despite repeated, painful attempts to encourage turning over a new leaf, we are constantly butting heads about something that seems so obvious. She is at a crossroads now – make a change or high school will be nothing but grief and wasted opportunity.

But here is the thing. I am no better – I have my own bad habits to break, my own actions that most often lead to bad outcomes, yet I continue to do them.  How can I expect my kid to see the light when I don’t?

I am tired. Tired of the piles because I didn’t put the laundry away. The dishes. The mail. Tired of wondering what’s for dinner because I couldn’t be bothered to make a plan. Tired of seeing my sewing machine sit in the middle of a pile, waiting for me to use it.  Tired of getting library overdue notices.

I know full well I need to take those books back – why don’t I? Why can’t I spend 30 minutes making menus? Culling my closet to make room to put those damn clothes away. Clearing my craft desk for actual CRAFTING.

I’ll tell you a big part of why. It’s the godforsaken Facebook.

It’s not that I am on it for long periods of time – it’s that I am on it frequently. And lately, the payoff is nothing but wasted time and grief. It does me no good to see what fun I’m missing because I’m highly offensive or someone is easily offended. I am sure my posts are not saving lives or even entertaining at this point. If I could get my photos off, I would just shut the whole mess down, but I can’t – I operate the bar page. And post links to this blog.

So. Using restraint I am nearly certain I don’t have, I will attempt to limit my Facebook time in the hopes my actions will start to have more favorable results. You nearly fell off your chair, I know.

I am hoping maybe this effort will even rub off on the kid – lead by example and all that. But if nothing else, by getting back to basics I will have time for de-piling, to devote to making things that make me happy like food and bags and a tidy house. I feel lighter already.

See, right now I’d pop in for a quick check. But I won’t. If you need to me reach me, email or text or leave a comment here. Be warned though – if you leave a comment on the FB Foible and Folly page, I might not see it for a while.

Insert smiley face.


9 responses to “insanity”

  1. People find your Fb posts offensive? I am being sincere here. I find they range from innocuous to hilarious. I feel you on wanting to cut back there, though. I have posted much less often there the last few months – and even then usually I post only to Knittees, instead of on my wall.

  2. Is this why we aren’t playing Scrabble? I thought it was because I beat you one out of thirteen games. 🙂 Good luck with the Face Book. I saw an article that said it was more addictive and harder to give up than alcohol and cigarettes. I’m sure you can limit it though. We need to get the girl child off her texting addiction.

  3. I am doing the same thing. I found myself frittering away my days off on FB and wondering why I wasn’t getting projects done around the house. Today I checked FB and Scrabble in the am drinking coffee, and now I’m back on during happy hour with a cocktail. It’s sad that I consider FBing a reward, but at least I got a lot of crap done today! Good luck!

  4. I was wondering where you went!! (Robert clued me into your blog post). Good for you, Chris.. I need to follow suit. Though I don’t post as much as you do… I certainly check it a lot. I think for me it is like ADD, and I’m trying to avoid work. I do like catching up with friends that I don’t see in person often…but honestly, that could be done weekly…even daily…hourly is really ridiculous when you think about it! Plus, FB is more interesting when you wait long enough so that it doesn’t say “no new stories” …. (just don’t replace FB with Pinterest or you’re screwed) 😉

    And I agree with Jeff F…. I wish they would block it at work! I get so easily distracted! And get WAY more done when I ignore the internet. Good luck to you little soldier!!

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