Lopez 2011

Along with some friends, we have been spending one weekend plus a few days on Lopez Island for the last 5 Augusts. (That is a strange sentence, but I think you know what I mean.)  We camp at Spencer Spit, a state park that has decent sites and access to the beach, but no showers and this year, no trash pickup due to budget cuts.  Dislike.

In our group this year there were 9 adults, 6 kids and 5 dogs. On a double site.  We were packed in there like sardines but we made it work. Nice sunny days definitely helped. As did plenty of boozy goodness. Sparkly pinot grigio – hello! We woke up, we ate, we hung out on the beach, we ate, we drank. Repeat.

View down on the Spit
The Geek took this with his phone on a foggy Friday. I like it.

For the first time this year, we took a day trip over to Orcas Island to check out Moran State Park. That island is much larger than Lopez and feels more mountain-y.  In Moran State Park you can drive up to Mt. Constitution, where there is a tower you can climb and really spectacular views. REALLY spectacular.

Next to the Tower
Tower you can climb up and see…

We spied some sweet sites for next summer if we get lucky enough to snag the reservations. There is a cute little town called Eastsound where we had some righteous barbeque.$2 Tallboys!! Like!

Carnage at Fire Smokehouse & Grill

Ferried it back on the 7 pm ferry – which I must say was the one downside to the San Juans. You are completely at the mercy of the ferry system.  We were ready to head back about 2 hours earlier but couldn’t.  Though once we were on the ferry, we were treated to this.


And on the right…

Mt. Baker

The scenery was amazing all around us. But not all of it came in the form of nature. I discovered a new reason to love Lopez this year – a quilt store!  Score!

Sweet mid-mods for something
Soon to be a pillow!

It was tiny so it was mostly fat quarters and a limited bolt selection but still!  At the farmers’ market there were a couple stalls selling locally spun yarn, too.

Now. Full disclosure.  It has come to my attention that I may be too old for tent camping. Damn, it is a lot of schlepping of shit. We are alas too poor for a vacation house but it may be time to convert to yurting, which does limit one’s choice of park but might make for happier camping.  We shall see.


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