good life

Wait for it…yep, nothing to complain about.

This past weekend we attended two long-anticipated weddings.  The Geek was a groomsman in one so we attended a few extra events for that.  For me, when there are big things looming on the horizon, I tend to let everything else fall by the wayside, like I just don’t have enough focus for other stuff.  But now that those events are over (and a great time was had by all!), I feel so much lighter!  And even kind of excited to have some free time to get back to house projects and daily life.  This weekend’s weather even reminded me that it is summer!

Sure, there are still lots of full weekends coming up – another wedding, camping, birthdays – but spread out so that we can still squeeze in some normal living.  And appreciate moments as they come.

I am appreciating lots of little things, like helping the Girl Child choose Uggs (saving her babysitting money) and the Boy Child actually practicing his guitar and doing some school work (OK, so he only does it to gain XBOX time; I’ll take it). Their rooms are still hot messes and will require some serious work before the birthday weekend but I am not stressing about it.

I’ve got a couple of little art projects in the works – which will require sorting of piles and purging of crap to make room for doing said projects.  I am actually looking forward to rediscovering my house.  After The Purge maybe I’ll finally get around to painting some trim and getting new rugs.

We are healthy, knock on wood. The Geek’s back is slowly improving.  I need to devote some purging time in the kitchen, and get us back on the healthier eating track.  So easy in a pinch to just crack the mac n cheese or get a pizza.  More fruits and veggies! More time in the farmers’ markets!

I’m looking forward to a couple of long weekend trips – one to SF to visit old friends and one to the coast with the girlies.    The best kind of trips – relaxing and hanging with people you enjoy, eating and drinking and walking.

Yep, I’m pretty full of myself these days.  It’s not like it’s perfect – haven’t won the lottery, house is still microscopic, inadequate in so many ways.  But it’s a  nice change from the sporadic chaos of the last few years. Maybe things are finally getting back on track?

Hope there is peace in your land, too.

good times

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