Yesterday, Mike From the East and I were discussing perhaps taking the families to Europe.  I said yes, I would like to do that.  Someday. And he replied that we are running out of “somedays”.  Slight panic ensued.

Well, crap. He is right. A birthday  will occur next  month that is roughly halfway thru a normal person’s lifespan.  I am pretty damn good at focusing on the here and now. Too good.  The someday stuff resides in the dusty corners of my brain.  The boring, not-fun-to-deal-with stuff like a new roof, an adjusting mortgage that we thought we’d have refinanced by now (buying in April 2007 will explain why that hasn’t happened), a car that may need to be replaced. But there is also a small corner where the good stuff lives.

My Here and Now list isn’t so bad.  Got the blog thing, where I do a little “writing”.  Finally went in that crazy Hardwicks store on Roosevelt. Family? Check. Good partner helping me raise two pretty awesome kids. Job? Boring office job giving me awesome schedule, and awesome bar giving me occasional heartburn – check.  Community? Best there is. So maybe it is time to dust off that someday stuff. Make it a little shinier and brighter.  Easier to see.

I have a board on Pinterest called “Someday“.  It currently is full of places I’d like to go. I don’t have a passport, even though I’ve wanted to travel since high school when I wanted desperately to be a foreign exchange student.  But that is expensive, it turns out, and so fell by the wayside.  No one I knew in college spent a semester abroad, either.  Then I got married and for some stupid reason, we never traveled out of the country when it would have been easy and financially feasible to do it. Luckily, I cooked up a plan to celebrate the Girl Child’s 16th birthday with the girls.  In Paris.  Three years to go.  One thing off the Someday list.

I should add some things to the Someday board. Pop-up camper perhaps? That family trip to Europe? A trip by automobile, maybe to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Clean out the frakking garage and convert part to living space.  A garden dinner party. Take kids to NYC. Explore more, experience more.

The Geek’s back has been out for a week now, and he started feeling under the weather, cold or flu most likely. But he said “Maybe my time is up. I’m done”.  I highly doubt that, but he has always been a sky-falling kinda guy.  But what if that were true for me? So much left undone. Time to get a move on.

Now where are those passport applications…


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