bored and blah

I am in a funk.  For no good reason.

I had a really decent weekend, was very productive in the yard. The bar is doing decently. Kids and hubby are healthy.  Do I need more bran? Definitely some sun would help.  It’s June 1st and I wore my down coat to work. That is wrong. Things that I normally look foward to are just meh, like they’ve lost their gloss.

I tried on clothes last night at Target.  Though I’d like to think they’ve changed their sizing, I fear that is not the case. I am 5’7″ and now weigh about 137, 10 pounds more than when I had the Boy Child 10 years ago.  Last night, I had to admit that makes me a size 10 unless I want to wear Spanx under my shorts. I am not OK with this. So I must get serious about dieting and exercising, which I have never had to do.  I refuse to have back fat.  I suppose these circumstances are not decreasing the funk level.

I am going through a bored phase at work. I like the people I work with, but the work itself is boring and redundant – I do accounting and office type stuff. Not my forte. Yes, I could look for something else, but I’ve been here for TWENTY YEARS, and they let me adjust my hours as I need to for the kids, so I figure what’s the point.  I’ll have to push through this boredom.  Not everyone can have careers they love – SOMEONE has to do the dumb stuff.

See above – lack of sun.  There was just enough this weekend to tease us. Today we are back to crap. My tomatoes are in a holding pattern – I need to put some plastic on to protect them.  Which I forgot to buy at Target last night due to sizing depression.

Yes, I know. My life is pretty good and I have no right to be such a whiner.  I am not prepared to drink myself into a stupor until the funk passes, so I write here and hope you’ll bear with me.

I am hopeful that I can make it until school is over in a few weeks, so we can move into mellow summer mode.  Picnics, swimming, happy hours, weddings, camping, friends. There, see I feel slightly less funky already.  And next weekend, there will be friends, cocktails by the lake and this:

Steamboat Rock

In the meantime, I will medicate with some dark chocolate.  Hang in there, sunless Seattle.


3 responses to “bored and blah”

  1. Oh, I hear you. In the same funk. Lack of sun and warmth is a huge part of it, no doubt. Sometimes it’s just good to vent.

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