spring is springing (nearly)

Still a few weeks away from official Spring, but out in my hot mess of a yard, I see evidence of its imminent arrival.  There is much work to be done, for sure.  Don’t even get me started on the back yard – “hot mess” is generous – but we do have plans for it.  Sort of. Until spring (and sun!) actually arrive, these will have to tide me over.

Crandall Black Currant – bought last year at Tilth's Early Edible Sale
Patty's Plum poppy – from Annie's Annuals last year – and check out my phat labels!
Lady bird yellow poppy – not sure this bloomed last year so I'm keeping an eye on it
Raspberry! I actually got fruit off these last year! From Swansons bare root sale

I can’t WAIT for it to warm up and dry out so we can get going on cleaning up, transplanting and putting new things in the ground.  BIG plans for the backyard and some rearranging in the front too.  Time to show no mercy!


6 responses to “spring is springing (nearly)”

  1. Oh man, me too. With the haul I got from the F & G show, I have all kinds of plans. I wish someone else would clean up the beds, though.

  2. Yesterday must have been official yard clean up day. I’ve lost my gardening mojo though, something is off. I see lots of work and lots of dead plants. Sigh. Oh well, many things still springing up though!

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