groundhog day

So the groundhog didn’t see his shadow today which means an early spring. I am all for that. Definitely feeling a sun deficit. And a little cabin fever from being crammed in our little house since September.  Time to take our living outside.

I swear, sometimes, I actually am living Bill Murray’s life in “Groundhog Day”.  Every weekday, I get up at 6:15 am, wake the Girl Child, we get ready and walk to her bus and mine.  Depending on the day, I either get home at 5:30 pm or 2:30 pm.  Make dinner, do homework, other chores, maybe some TV.  No doubt like many other people’s days.  Work is boring but not stressful, so there is that.

This must be why I am always on the lookout for the next thing to sew, bake, plant, redecorate or thrift.  Why I am constantly inviting people over and finding places to go and things to plan.  People mock me for that, but those are the only things that make THIS day different from any other day.

Today on the bus, now that it’s noticeably lighter when I go to and return from work, it occurred to me that I am also reliving each year over and over.  It’s February, so there is gardening to start.  Then the end of school, camping trips, lazy summer days, back to school, and the holidays again.  Replay.  Only, the years are actually passing by and quickly.  I watched “The Kids are All Right” last weekend.  The daughter in it is 18 and leaving for college.  That’s  what the Girl Child will be doing in FIVE years, people!  That kind of stuff will freak a person right out!

But that’s another post.  I ramble, I digress. Carry on with whatever day you’re reliving.


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