outta whack

Some days are just not good from the get-go, and not for any reason you can put your finger on.  I didn’t stay up late or drink too much, but my eyeballs don’t fit quite right, and my pants are bugging me. The morning light is not the right color and the way that tree is tilting is annoying.  My socks don’t match and one has a hole where my second toe is. I need some new eye cream but can’t pick one (no doubt if I had one, all would be right in the world).  My breathing is out of sync, like I’m one breath off.

Could be a migraine thing – been on the edge for a couple days.  A massage might do the trick, but who has the time or money for that.  If I could just streettch a little more, maybe I could get back on track.  The thought of doing actual work today is peeving me – it really is a day best suited for Pinterest and Mexico research.  Certainly not for talking to anyone.

I did happen to unearth a whopping gift card for Sur la Table last night – perhaps a lunch time stroll will set me right.  Though no doubt lugging back some heavy pot or pan will irritate me or they will be out of whatever it is I want. I am a whiny little baby.

It really is a crying shame we don’t have bars in our office a la Don Draper.  I have a feeling coffee won’t be cutting it today.


2 responses to “outta whack”

  1. Eye cream: Orgins Eye Doctor. Love it, have used it for years and people are still surprised when they find out how old I am. Maybe it works, or just has a really good placebo effect….

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