the wheels in my head

I ride the bus downtown to work every morning, about a 20 minute ride. Usually I get a seat.  Sometimes, I knit and/or listen to music. Always, though, I percolate.  It’s mostly quiet (the crazies are still asleep at 7 am) and the perfect time to just sit.  Ideas and plans pop into my head as I watch the world go by. I’ve got a sassy red Moleskine I can jot things down in, because lord knows the brain can’t keep track so well anymore.

Some people see numbers or music in their heads.  Or how to kick the ball just right or make a winning argument.  I see words and patterns. I can usually see where the comma goes. I see that red does go with everything.  I see polka dots and stripes.  I see outfits.

Some people see how to shoot that spaceship and get all the points.  Or what that twenty-sided die means.  I see when the pie is done and what you can make out of all those cans of food.  That brussels sprouts ARE delicious.  I do NOT see sushi. Or fruit with chocolate.

I see how to pack the car, not all the bad things that might happen on the trip.  I see the time line of what needs to get done and the happy hour at the end of it. I see that memories are being made in the middle of the mess.

I see when it’s ok to buy that cheap trendy thing and when you need to pony up for the real thing. I see treasures at Goodwill AND Chanel.  I do not see spray tans and the Pouf.

I don’t always see what needs to be cleaned or washed. I do see what needs to be knit, or sewn or painted.  I see where that couch needs to go and what rug will work.

I see when my kids need a push or a hug. For that matter, also the Geek. (Though I am not always right with that one.) I do not see letting kids jump on the furniture or be rude in restaurants.

Some people see only straight married people. I see people who love each other getting married and making happy families.  I see the minute we are in RIGHT NOW, not the minutes 10 years from now.  Which may be a problem 10 years from now.

I see my family in my friends.   I see possibilities. I do not see NO. I see the sun over the horizon, not the shadow of the dark.

The wheels in my head are pretty darn loud. But it beats the quiet.


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  1. Awesome. So awesome that I actually MANUALLY ENTERED MY NAME AND EMAIL here. Which I usually don’t cause I am lazy.

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