not that i’m counting

WordPress was kind enough to send me some year-end blog stats, and I’ve thrown in a few of my own.

  • Number of times this blog was viewed in 2010:  2,000! That is  AMAZING to me.  Also, slightly crazy.  According to WordPress, that is 5 FULL 747’s!
  • Day with the most traffic:  March 12.  The day I launched it.
  • Posts with the most views:

we’re go for launch!


brothers from another mother

birth of a quilt

a girl named sue

  • Number of tears shed: a shit ton.
  • Plants planted:  67
  • Days camped: 13
  • Plane rides taken: 6
  • Churros eaten at Disneyland:  6
  • Bags of ice bought while ice maker was broken for the Roanoke:  300+
  • Photos uploaded to blog: 206
  • Posts made: 43
  • Purses made: 8
    • Number of times Landlord and Landlord’s lawyer/brokers cursed: countless

    Here’s hoping that next year’s count will be full of nothing but good stuff!  Thanks for reading!


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