july garden

Well, it seems I have managed to keep a few things growing, despite our forever-lasting spring and wacky hot days last week.  Poor plants must be thoroughly confused.  There are still a few babies in pots, mainly the ones meant for the shady side that is still weed-infested, and a red contorted filbert that sorely needs to get in the ground or it will soon be past the point of no return.

The back section of this bed had peas growing up the chicken wire trellis, and a TON of peas we got, too.  They’ve been replaced with zucchini and summer squash.

In other veggie news, we’ve got cauliflower…

wee tiny peppers…

and a view through the veggie jungle.

We’ve got lots of tomatoes flowering, but none with fruits yet.  There are a few raspberries on the new plants even!  The brussels sprouts babies are coming right along despite the nasty green worms that munched them all spring.  Lettuces are starting to bolt – I don’t know who I was kidding when I planted those. Not sure what the beets are up to, but I keep hoping.  That fig everyone else  thought was dead has sprung to life with a vengeance.  And check out them apples!

It’s not all fruits and berries around here.  We’ve got some nice flowery bits too.

“Black Diadem” bachelor buttons…

Butterfly bush…

Still coming down the pike are some poppies and dahlias.  If only we could transplant some of this good-looking-ness into the backyard, we’d be set.  Still looks like the Clampetts live back there, minus an acre of weeds.  All in due time.  Next up, some cherries need to get in some jars with brandy.  Stay tuned.


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