oh dear

I spent an hour while held captive at the Ballard pool yesterday cataloging all the plants that I’ve procured this spring, beginning in March at the Early Edibles sale from Seattle Tilth, then the Early Bloomers sale at the Arboretum, the Northwest Perennial Alliance sale,  the Arboretum’s Florabundance sale, and last but not least, the Master Gardener’s spring sale. I believe there was also a trip or two to *cough* Swanson’s, Sky Nursery and Home Depot.  Oh, also the sweet delivery from Annie’s Annuals.

Let me tell you, it did not seem like a lot of plants at the time. However, line 1 in my spreadsheet is the title line.  The plants start on line 2 and end on line…66.  Yep, for those of you who are mathmatically challenged, that’s 65 FREAKING PLANTS.  Hello, my name is flush puppy and I’m a plantaholic. At an average of $5 a plant, that’s roughly $300.  However, for the budget-minded, bear in mind I haven’t bought a single pair of shoes or even a haircut since January.  And I NEED a haircut.

I’ve been pretty good about planting the new arrivals, but there are still some waiting for their forever home to be cleared out. Luckily, the Boy Child works for cheap.


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