If I’m ever on Inside the Actors’ Studio,  and I get to do the Questionnaire, my two favorite words will be “discombobulated” and “cattywampus”.  Unfortunately, the window of opportunity for that event to happen is growing ever shorter.

I have been feeling lately rather discombobulated, as I’m sure most people do from time to time.  “In a funk” and  “off my game”, for reasons not quite known.  Partly from stress no doubt, which can’t be controlled, only mitigated as best you can.  Maybe it’s the change of seasons, which normally is a cheering kind of thing.  Could be the feeling that something is not quite right, off-kilter somehow.  As though the words you’re saying are leaving your mouth intact, but reaching the listener with every third word missing.  So you keep trying, but more and more words go missing, til you aren’t even sure what you said in the first place.

It’s true many people would say I’m discombobulated pretty much all the time, with too much going on, so maybe there’s a bit of that in this fog too. The fog is dense with things you could swear are real, but maybe are just swirling trails of smoke and dark. The tricky part is in the knowing and heading out to higher ground.

The problem lies in how to fix it – I want my mojo back.  I want my game back and my kilter on. Tonight I go at long last to the Early Edible Sale with The Lovely Miss Z. Retail therapy AND plants – surely that’s a surefire way to get re-combobulated.  And if THAT ever becomes a word, I am so claiming it.


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