bella nutella

There are few tastier things than Nutella.  It’s nutty and chocolatey, super smooth and melty in your mouth.  Sometimes just a spoonful is all you need, but other times call for, well, more.  I make a lot of cheesecake, and I’ve long thought Nutella would make a pretty spectacular cheesecake.  Hence, the Great Nutella Cheesecake Experiment.

*DISCLAIMER:  I am not a professional photographer, as the following photos will prove.  But I promise to try to get better.

For the crust, I used store-bought graham crackers and chopped hazelnuts, mixed with melted butter and baked til set.  I would have used some other kind of cookie for the crust, but the food processor broke and the budget does not include a new one just yet.

I first thought of great dollops of Nutella sandwiched between layers of cheesecake.  I was going to nuke it and make it more spreadable, but lo and behold it says right on the jar “do not microwave” and given its unknown chemical makeup, I thought it wise to heed that advice.  I’d also planned on flavoring the cheesecake with Frangelico, but alas, did not have any.  I did however have some Godiva liqueur and Amaretto, which I used.  Liberally. Hey, the alcohol cooks out.

It was nearly done and crack-free, til the very end, when a crater developed in the center (eh, it makes it easier to taste a sample).  It did stay nice and even though.  Gotta put a pan of water in while it bakes, and let it sit with the oven turned off.

The next day, I melted some good chocolate and guilded the lily a bit.  Next time, I’d go with more of ganache topping- I didn’t like the hard chocolate shell.  Or maybe a baked sour cream topping with liqueur and brown sugar.

And the verdict?  It was fuh-reaking delish!  Needs more Nutella nuggets, but I had to make do with what I had.  And considering  I totally made it up as I went along, I think it turned out very well – a good mix between dense and light (I should probably write down what I did before I forget).  I may consider mixing the Nutella directly into the batter next time and seeing what happens, or doing a swirl variation.  Luckily 2/3 of the dinner guests cancelled, so there’s still some left!  Can you say BREAKFAST.


3 responses to “bella nutella”

  1. Looks and sounds freaktastic. Not sure about the discrete chunks of nutella though. Maybe mix the Nutella with like 1/4 of the regular batter as the bottom layer. Then the rest of the batter to give a two tiered affect. Swirl might be good too.

    Do you bake the cheescake in a water bath, or just put a pan of water in there as a heat sink?

  2. What, no comments on the heinous photos? The nuggets were popular with diners, like finding bacon in a salad. I am going to try something else with the Beach version though. No water bath – I don’t like messing with wrapping stuff in foil. I just put a pot of water in there.

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