Before the days of the interweb, I used to clip recipes from the paper and magazines and copy from cookbooks I checked out of the library.  I guestimate, based on the ones with dates from the newspaper, that they go back to the late 80’s into the ’90’s. (In the mid 90’s I graduated to mostly online recipe collecting.  Don’t even get me started on my, Pinterest or Evernote collection.)

These clippings and copies have lived mostly in a hodge podgy pile, been moved 4 times, and gazed at lovingly from time to time.  Some even made their way into a flowerful accordion file my mom donated to the cause.  There’s even a handful of handwritten ones!  JWR, I have the original handwritten copies of Enchilada Pie and The Soup!  I found a surprising number of recipes involving cabbage.  And muffins.  I can remember clipping some of them – Haymaker Switchel, a drink I STILL haven’t made but by which I’ve always been fascinated.  I have John Hinterberger’s Skillet Spaghetti Sauce (long time Seattleites will remember him).

So!  The new Foible and Folly project:  Recipalooza!  I have started sorting them by category: Main, Sides/Salads, Bfast, Breads, Desserts (which may need a cookie sub-category), and  Misc.  “Started” is the operative word here – it takes a long-ass time to go through this much paper – the piles below are ONLY from the accordion file!  I did make an executive decision to throw out some that no longer sounded appealing. I hereby vow to start actually MAKING these recipes and reporting on their success or lack thereof to you, faithful readers.  Some of them sadly don’t have the full  name of the source they were copied from, but I will do my best to give credit if I can.

Buckle up, people – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

P.S. I’ve had that crepe recipe FOREVER, since I was a teenager.  And it is GOOD.  See, look! I already made one.

P.P.S  The trials have begun!  Recipalooza recipes can be found by searching under the “recipalooza” tag.

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