2013 planty goodness

Yep, March is around the corner, if you can believe that, so it’s time for this year’s installment of Where-The-Plant-Sales-Are.

First up is the Seattle Tilth Early Edible Sale, on March 16th. A new location this year, it’s being held at the Pacific Market Center Parking Garage, which seems to be somewhere in the Stadium area of town? Sadly, I will be out of town for this year’s sale, but the cool thing is there is a plant list on their site so you can drool and plan your purchases! And if you’re lucky like me, a nice friend will offer to pick some things up for you if you can’t make it.

The Arboretum Foundation’s Early Bloomers sale on April 13th. This is a smaller sale of Arboretum members’ donations and plants propagated from the Arboretum collection. Good stuff.

The next day is the NW Perennial Alliance’s Spring Sale,  a personal favorite, this year on Sunday, April 14th at North Seattle Community College. No veggies but chock full of other unusual stuff.

Then there’s the big daddy of FlorAbundance, another Arboretum sale that benefits the Arboretum. This sale is JAM-PACKED with good things, edible and otherwise. April 27 and 28 at the Arboretum (in years past this has been at Magnuson Park in a giant hangar. Not sure how they will make it work at the Arboretum – I would think parking would be an issue so plan ahead!)

One of my favorite sales is the Master Gardener Foundation sale at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture, this year on May 4th and 5th. Psst: in years past, they’ve done a preview party the night before the sale opens. You buy a ticket (whose proceeds go to benefit the Foundation) and they give you wine tickets and appetizers AND you get to shop before  the hordes on Saturday and Sunday. Totally worth it and very fun. Tickets are usually sold on Brown Paper Tickets but I don’t see it listed yet.

Also that weekend is Seattle Tilth’s big Edible Sale. I must admit I’ve never actually gone to this sale because by the time it rolls around, I’ve been to 3 sales and I’m tapped out space and budget-wise.

AND! For those of you in Seattle without the space or inclination to grow your food, consider becoming a member of my friends’ brand-spanking-new farm, Mezza Luna Farms!  They are offering CSA memberships for their first harvest this year! A great way to buy local and eat well.

Special thanks to Jennie for my new plant sale accessory!

Special thanks to Jennie for my new plant sale accessory!

one off the list

Disclaimer:  The following photos may not be suitable for you orderly types. Consider yourself warned.

We have lived in this house for nearly 5 years. As has been previously mentioned, it is small. There are two storage closets – one we use for linens, and the other for everything else. Well, besides the massive piles of stuff in the garage. Ahem.

The catch-all closet has been mostly disgusting for those 5 years. It was previously the home of the furnace, and so is long and narrow, not very accessible for the retrieving of things that lodge there. We tended to merely pile new things on top of old things and hope for the best. (Shutting the door really fast helps, too.) It has shelves running the length of one wall, a strange hole to nowhere and a really nasty floor.

Finally, I’d had enough. It was embarrassing and a big waste of space when we have no space to waste.

So. I sprung this plan on the Geek, perhaps unfairly. But I really thought it would be an easy project! While he was at work,  I started excavation. (Here is where you squeamish types may want to scroll down. And disregard that rogue sock.)

door closed

door open

Yep. Uncensored. I know. So bad. door open closeup

Note that disgusting floor.


By the way, that orange stuff is cough syrup. And this is what it looked like nekkid.

The Geek tore down those shelves and it was off to Home Depot for paint, floor tiles and pegboard/baskets! It took several coats of primer and paint to cover some random stains, and though I do wish I’d gotten a different color now, I can live with it. It’s clean at least.

Check it out!


New floor tiles! No more hole to nowhere! Fresh walls! Baskets for everything!


Look at that! A sunscreen basket! A tooth care basket! Household odds and ends! Nail care! Seriously, I just stood there and gaped at it for a good 5 minutes. And I made my dinner guests do the same.

I think to really optimize the space I need to get one of those wire baskets that slides onto a shelf, to go on the lower shelf. But damn! Big smooches to the Geek for doing the floor and walls.

This might just be the motivation I need to start tackling the garage. Fingers crossed.